It’s a small world…

This is an update I recently posted on my indiegogo campaign, though which I am raising 1090 pounds for Beatha and her boys (275 raised so far!) To find out more about the campaign, and to make a donation, please follow the link below. It’s a small world isn’t it. And social media is

Update on Indiegogo campaign Thanks to all of you who have visited this campaign. If all of those visitors had pledged 5 pounds then I would have raised 120 already, over 10% of my goal. If you’re reading this, please consider getting this campaign off the starting blocks.   I opened this campaign because I’d just spoken

‘Rwandafully’ memorable moments

Despite having only been here for two weeks (this time around) I notice I’ve already begun to take in my stride things that really ought to warrant a raised eyebrow at least, but perhaps the intense heat has made me reluctant to expend even that amount of energy when those around me remain totally at ease. Here